Sunday, 6 February 2011

Whats your addiction?

Over the past week I havent done much jewellery making, although I have added some more colours to the cluster heart necklaces range.  Ive been waiting for a delivery of supplies for my name on rice necklaces, which arrived yesterday, I was very excited when I saw the package had arrived, so you can imagine the horror when i realised that the pen didnt work! Luckily I managed to purchase a new one, but I took that out the package and it started leaking..., it was one thing after another, i must be a jinx! I did manage to make one for myselfin the end though, and ive got a few pens on standby :)

 I decided to add some extra sparkle to the necklace by adding a swarovski crystal heart and swarovski crystal beads.  The names are mine and my sons, I havent sealed it yet, im going to  re-write the names and then seal it, im looking forward to wearing it tomorrow :)

Over the last few months I have become a complete bead addict.. I cant say there has ever been anything that I have purchased so frequently, apart from things for my son that is.The world wide web is an amazing thing, I can order beads and supplies where ever I am.. walking to work, at work, at home, travelling, from the blackberry, iPad. the PC! the problem is, I do just that, im constantly ordering stuff... my bank balance is suffering and so it my living space.

With orders comes storage problems.. having ordered so much I had to rethink my storage situation! This is my ever growing storage corner. I have lots of  cases which are meant for screws, they have 21 conpartments in each one.. they are perfect, but not enough so i also have little draw sets, more storage cases and more units. I have bigger storage to store smaller storage.

 I use this for the obvious, holding necklaces.. but mainly so I can take a pic of the finishing pieces. I havent got all my made necklaces on this as I dont want them all tangling :)

 This is holding more necklaces and bracelets. it looked nice with a couple of bracelets dangling from it, after a little time it looks like its struggling a bit.. a bit like me when i do the shopping :)

 And this is where i do my jewellery making. at one end of the dining table lol ( i started off at the other end, but found the light was much nicer down here. This is one of the rare organised days.. alot of the time, when Im in a creating frenzy you'll be shocked to hear there is a table underneath all the beads :D

I am going to work on some orders tonight and maybe some more designs. :D

Like Mother like Son.

Where I have a bead addiction, my son has an addiction of his own... SUPER MARIO! He plays it on the wii, on the DS, Watches it on You Tube, he wears mario clothes plays with mario toys, speaks with mario's accent. He has so many toys in his bedroom, lots of new ones from xmas and his birthday too, and he barely notices them. I have to constantly remind that they are there and to play with them. It is really sweet listening to when he's on the phone to his friends, , they talk about super mario and bowser and what levels they want to complete next time they're together Lol. He has asked me to get him Super Mario Galaxy next, tomorrow! Ive told him that I cant get it tomorrow as we dont have loads and loads of money. He sweetly says.. 'your work does. you can go to work tomorrow, get the money, get mario galaxy, get me and then we can go home and play it' LOL I think he's misunderstood that I go to work to earn money. he must think I work in a safe! lol If he had his way he would live mario. unfortunately for him he doesnt lol.

This weekend however, I agreed to let him bring his DSI with us shopping, I wasnt planning on being out long, just a few shops and then home. Every shop we went in Reece managed to find a seat. I was shocked when I first turned around and saw where he was sitting......

This is in Argos.
And this is WH Smiths! lol

Another thing Reece holds dear to him are a couple of favourite Teddy bears, he has a rabbit called carrot and a long tailed cute looking teddy called Tails.  He has only recently become really attached to them (mainly tails), but he left one at my sisters so has been patiently awaiting its return. 

I was speaking to my sister about how attached kids become to their comforters and im lucky Reece doesnt panic when misplacing his. Her one year old son on the other hand has an elephant teddy called 'smelly nelly' this has been with him since day one, he will not sleep without it. My sister has tried to get a duplicate (just in case) but cant find another.  We were saying how bad it would be if he'd lost it, and I told her about the websites for missing teddys (such a great idea). oh and some facebook pages too this page is dedicated to a bear who lost his family :D

The next day I get a message from my sister calling me a jinx... they have lost 'smelly nelly'!!

Luckily someone had found him and put him up.. normally you'd find a lost bear put up on a wall or somewhere safe, Smelly Nelly was found on top of a car.. I dread to think where it'd be now if someone used the car lol. at least its home safe now :)


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