Monday, 14 March 2011

Its all go..

Handmade Monday.. I love Monday's thanks to Wendy @ please pop by her page and join in with Handmade Monday :)

I've been slacking recently, ive made a few bits, but the only new item is this ring, made to match a bracelet I had previously made for a customer :) i've never put these rings up for sale in my stores, but i think its something that i will think about doing soon :)

I mentioned last week that I had found a lovely business the other week who took on the task of my logo..(!/pages/Helen-Scott-Graphic-Designer/178067448897452 ) and here it is.. i really love it. Lots of work, thought and effort went into choosing the design. Its difficult to have an angel without looking too holy.. i wanted her to be elegant and to fit in to the image of the company, and the diamond was a must and Helen done an amazing job  :)
After receiving the final images I had to rethink my website and ofcourse my business cards!! So after a little work on my webpage i took on the task of deciding what the cards should look like... ofcourse Vistaprint was the way forward. After settling my little boy to bed for the night i sat down with a cuppa and went through the options.. 3 hours later after alot of messing around I had ordered cards, a cup, a banner and some postcards. :)

The next morning I thought i'd re-look at my cards and was devestated when i saw a major error!! i had been so careful, atleast i thought i had. Rather than promoting my website i had somehow entered the address of my facebook page and rather than the Angels and Diamonds, 'Handmade Jewellery by Lucie' it reads Angels and Diamonds 'handmade jewellery by Lucie on Facebook' :( I was using the postcards to promote facebook so maybe somehow the info had merged onto the cards too.

Oh well, luckily Vista is practically free so I wont cry over it lol.and I am used to my clumsy moments. I will still use the cards as atleast the facebook address is correct, and that is where alot of the action happens lol :)

Speaking of action, the auction kicked off at 9am Saturday morning, and it was lovely to see people were ready to make bids as soon as the doors opened. I have tried to pick a nice selection of jewellery which I make for the auction and also have had some lovely donations by some lovely pages :)

Please pop by my facebook page and have a look through the Cancer Research UK album and share the news with your friends. there are some lovely bits listed and who knows, there might be the perfect mothers day pressy waiting for your bid :)


I had planned to work on some new designs this weekend, but a family emergency occured.  My lovely OH had been ill over the past week with an infected tonsil, he'd been to hospital midweek and they had kept in him over night and drained the fluid, they then let him home on the Thursday morning. So by the time I saw him on Friday evening i was shocked to see the swelling in his face and how ill he looked.
The following day he was getting iller and the swelling worse, and suddenly he was struggling to breath.. his tongue had swollen and so had his throat.
I have to say this has got to be one of the scariest moments i have experienced, thankfully my sister was with me, and mine and my OH's boys were playing in the bedroom with their toys so they didnt see any of it. 
I called 999 and the ambulance arrived after a few mins, gave him shots of adrenaline and we rushed to the hospital.
On inspection his tonsil was the size of a golf ball, so they extracted the fluid again and he has been kept for observation since.  He is alot better today though and the swelling of his face has reduced alot.

It just goes to show how serious an infection can be!

So that has been my week so far. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone elses with a lovely cuppa coffee later :) oh and what a lovely sunny day it is in London today.. could this be the beginning of Spring :)

Thank you for reading


Monday, 7 March 2011

Handmade mOnday/Auction/Troops


Its that time of week again!!! where does the time go.
Well what have I been upto this week.. Ive been so busy working on the auction, I havent had much time to make many new designs.

These earrings I made to represent my company name. Angels and Diamonds = Angels wings + Shiney faceted crystals,  not quite diamonds.. but who knows.. one day :)

And the ring i used with larger crystals and tiny metalic beads on memory wire.

Why dont you pop over to Wendy's @  and see what everyone else has been working on :)


As I mentioned above, this has taken up alot of my evenings and my weekend. Im getting nervous as its less than a week away and I havent got loads of items up yet, and I have no idea what the turn out will be :( fingers are crossed and Im hoping I can do a bit more promoting before it kicks off.

For those who dont know the details, please see my previous blog

and visit my facebook page, where it will all be happening.

Ok.. so i mentioned that there will be a feature item.. where 100% will go to Cancer Research.. I thought long and hard about it and decided to go with my twist necklace and bracelet, I also made some earrings to go with the set

Some of the other items you will see in the auction are:

ALSO.. I have had these lovely donations....
A lovely wall hanging from Wendy at 1st Unique. 
And this beautiful bracelet from Stacey at Silver pebble

Thank you both so much both items are fantastic!!! I am sure they are going to do great :)

Anyone else that wanted to make a donation please contact me :) (donations are much appreciated)
My email address is
Send me a pic and description of the item. and I will list them in the album with a link to your page :)


Also, 2-3 weeks ago a new Business Page joined facebook.... SEND IN THE TROOPS. This group has made 1000 fans per week and I have to say are great fun. they do marches on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, (you can nominate your business in their notes) on the days other businesses (such as ourselves) wait for the lucky 20 selected businesses to be listed and then we march on down to their pages, click like and leave a link back to our page.
This has been so successful. If Facebook is a big part of your business then you really should join in the fun.
I have come across some amazing pages through Send in the Troops. :)

So that is all I have for an update really... Although I will have an update mid week :) oh and maybe a new Company Logo to share with you all.. im very excited about that :D

Thank you for reading.

Love Lucie