Monday, 31 January 2011

PC Solutions

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has been sharing my Facebook page. Ive had 45 new members over the last week, so a big welcome to new members too. I am stil 95 members short of the competition though, so please continue to share my page. I will be adding new items more often so there will be more choice for the winner :D

Over the weekend I tried to install wordpress on my PC, but the version of windows I had was too old. Hardly suprising, Ive had the thing for over 5 years!! (my sister referred to it as a 'great Grandad in computer years' lol). Given its age though, it was still fast and responsive, the main issues I had is that it had less memory than my iPad and i kept having to delete programmes to make space for new ones!! so I decided it was about time I went and brought a new younger model. After visits to Currys followed by PC World I decided to get the first one I saw in Curry's. A HP Computer which has 1 TB of Harddrive space!!! I can install until my hearts content now lol.  So with new computer all set up I installed wordpress.. but I have no idea how to link it to my Google website.. I done some research and came up with nothing.. does anyone else know how? lol id really appreciate some advise!

Over the weekend I was busy with everything other than jewellery making (which is what i wanted to focus on). So finally at 7pm last night I managed to sit down and make some new designs, I ordered these hearts weeks ago so I am glad i've finally done something with them!!


 My flower charm bracelets are really popular. and I havent made any for a while, ive been wanting to try out different colours. So I decided to give it a go last night, and here's what I came up with.

A rainbow of colours.. all light and summery, its really pretty... and this one is a one off.. so once its gone.... its gone!
 This one is sea inspired, mermaids and seahorse, shell and fish, there are so many different items pack into the bracelet!!
 I was trying out new designs last week here.. is the finished design....
 with a matching bracelet... both sold but more can be made!

Thanks for reading,

Lucie :D

Monday, 24 January 2011

Prize draw entry

Ok, so after a bit of thought I've decided on how to offer you lovely people the chance to win one of my designs. As I mentioned previously I am lacking feedback on my facebook page, so with a little help from my friends, here's what we can do....

1. Become a fan on my facebook page (click like at the top of the page).

2. Invite your friends, you can do this by clicking on 'share' at the bottom of my fan page or any of my posts.

- I am looking to reach 300 members, so please invite as many as possible.

3. Comment on your favourite piece of jewellery in my FaceBook photo album, just by giving a bit of feedback of what you think (from any album you like, including custom made).

4. Follow this blog, so I can keep you up to date with the progress and this is where I will announce the winner.

Once I have reached 300 fans on facebook I will take the names of people who have commented on my photos from today's date and do a lucky draw. The winner will be able to pick the the prize from my jewellery, if it's something unavailable/custom made then I'm sure I can make something similar for the winner (please note it will be just one item, not a set).

Thank you very much for your support, it is really appreciated, and good luck :)


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Sunday, 23 January 2011

On the train blogging :D

So I found an App to enable me to blog on the go! I was over the moon when I did, not that blogging takes long, but at least I can make use of my time when traveling on the lovely trains.

Speaking of trains.. I travel from London to Oxford twice a fortnight, I hate the journey, me and my son rush to catch the bus, rush to catch the train, which is so packed we can barely move. Barely able to move my head to look down at my son, he tends to desperately need the loo at this point (despite that fact that he only went half an hour ago) as well as wanting to eat his food and play on his DSI. How do kids manage to be so oblivious to their surroundings? Lol. Im stood their squashed, weighed down by bags, hot and bothered trying to rationalise with him and he doesn't noticed lol. At the time it can feel pretty stressful, people are watching whilst my 4 year old is getting emotional over the fact that I can't move my arm to reach to my bag to get his DSI or his food just yet. He does make me laugh, he does the funniest things! (we were on a bus the other day and I helped him off his seat and he says to me brightly 'thanks sweetheart' lol).

Another favourite memory of my sons obliviousness..... one day I was out shopping with my sister and son, we went into a jewellery store, it was quite big, with a minimalist look, White floor and Walls, glass show cases throughout, really fresh and open. It was quiet and we were browsing the lovely items. A few minutes prior I had brought my son a balloon shaped like an animal, which he was happy running around playing with whilst I looked around. all of a sudden the silence was broke by an almighty BANG!!!! It was so loud it sounded like a gunfire! It echoed around the store which amplified the sound, people in the shop dived to the floor, others screamed with shock (including myself). And then there was complete silence......... which was instantly broken by my son complaining his balloon has burst. At this point everyone in the store broke out into historical laughter. It was the funniest thing LOL, I always think back to that day and have a giggle.


I went through a few days of thinking maybe my jewellery isn't so great after all. I guess everyone gets moments like that. I realised that I'm just lacking feedback, positive or negative. I think I need to do something about that, so I will soon be announcing a feedback related give-away :)

In the meantime, here's one I made earlier......

I went for something a little different with the 2 strands on one side, the links joining the hearts will be thicker this is just my first attempt.


Over Christmas I sold a lot of baby keepsake bracelets (some below). I personally have a small box containing my baby's first things, mittens, socks, hat, rattle, panto tickets, loads of precious things I will forever cherish, and one day give to my son. So making items for others to cherish in their baby memories is something I feel is very special. So I am currently working on a range of keepsakes. I am pretty excited about it :D not just for babies memories but keepsakes suited for everyone.

I've been slacking this weekend, so I am going to spend some time working on some new designs.

Thanks for reading :)


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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So much to do

Each day I wake up with such enthusiasm (after my morning coffee that is)... in my head are ideas of what I want to achieve that day. plans to make jewellery, write my blog, take photos, update my website, update my ipad, sort out my sons DSI, do the house work, do the accounts, spend some time with my son etc etc... (the list is endless)...

So after I drop Reece to nursery and spend 8 and a half hours at work followed by an hour and a half getting my son and myself home, i am shattered. Being dark outside doesnt help matters! (especially when I need to take photo's of new designs) it makes me more tired! lol.

I need to get organised.. my brain is a muddle. I purchased an iPad and thought that'd help me get organised.. everything at my fingertips.. but ive found that it has just added to the list of 'things to do' :/ although atleast I can put the list on the iPad (if i find the time) lol.

So I have decided.... tonight I will research on how to blog and update my website from the iPad, i can do it whilst im on the loo then :D lol no I wouldnt do that really hehe but atleast i dont have to be stuck at the desk on the PC. I love my iPad but if it doesnt do the things I need it to do I wont be happy! or am I just asking to much?!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Friendship Bracelets

Happy New Year!! It feels odd saying that now as its been that long since I last blogged!! Wow time flies. I havent really been that busy, I had a lovely break over christmas. All those lazy days made it difficult to snap back into reality. But Last week I managed to do just that lol. so below are some new designs. (one thing that didnt get any rest was my brain.. so many new ideas swirling around... and so many bead orders to go with them)

 Chunky silver beaded bracelet with 'key to my Heart' charms.

 Chunky curb bracelet with 'Hearts and Stars' charms
This shows you the red swarovski heart shining in the light :)

 These are my friendship bracelets.. available in 7 different colours.. they look lovely on. suited for all ages. children - adults.

 Leather friendship charm bracelet.
 This is a custom order. i made for someone who isnt too well. with a swarovski angel, quartz crystals, rose quartz (for healing) and pearls.

 A friendship bracelet with an extra touch of class.. I added the red crystals to make the bracelet a little more dressy. 3 of my favourite colours together :)

 This is the whole set... I made it custom for me :) I love the darkness of the ribbon against the silver and red crystal, it makes them shine even more :)

Mobile phone charms. I have the lips on my blackberry.. the rhinestones are really shiney :D

I ordered a photography tent last week and it arrived at the weekend. I love using it, I just need to get used to it though. the pictures above without the lines running through are the ones taken in the tent. some a little blurry but i think I'll get used to it :)

I also ordered lots of new stock.. so much that it took 4 hours organsing everything into some kind of order. luckily i received lots of bead boxes for xmas.. and they have 100% come in handy, they are all packed out!! :D

So now we're in 2011... my ambition is:  to make a success of my business.  Christmas showed me that people like my designs, so this year I want to make lots more to add to my collection, and I hope they are all loved.

Here's to many new and successful designs :D

Lucie xxx