Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Good morning :)

Wow its been almost a year since I last blogged.. where does the time go!

Its a lovely sunny day in London today and im feeling in the mood for getting organised.

Today i've been looking at packaging, this is something I find myself constantly trying to improve. I am often searching on google and pinterest for jewellery packaging ideas,  i'd say I do this at least once a month, and I never seem to get anywhere, or find what seems to be the impossible. its a vicious circle.

I have come across some lovely ideas today however, which I thought I would share with you all. My aim is to get slimmer more sophisticated packaging which can easily be posted through a letter box, something that when my customers receive their item of jewellery they think wow to the packaging aswell.

I found a lovely Blog by Boo's Jewellery who shared a template for their packaging, which seems to fit everything i've been looking for.

I also found via pinterest a supplier on Etsy who make some lovely packaging which is as simple as ordering, although they are based in the USA so I will have to double check they ship to the UK.

And another page who sell packaging templates which I think I will definitely be making a few purchases :)

So now I feel spoilt for choice. My mornings search has been very worth while. And these three were so worth a mention.

I hope you are all enjoying some sunshine today and enjoyed looking through these packaging ideas.

Lucie :) x