Monday, 4 July 2011

Chiswick Summer Fair

I can barely keep my eyes open today, I had a late night working on some posters for upcoming events... which I am pretty happy with :)

Over the past few weeks I have been working on lots of new designs, unique jewellery pieces to suit all ages.
I have also been working on custom orders. 

This is a gothic bracelet commission by fellow crafter Kat which I was left to use my imagination, I didnt want to go down the charm route or the usual beaded style bracelet so I thought id try something different and so I made with this with black skulls, black onyx and black quartz crystals, all bound by a  large chain.. I did have fun making this one and was surprised how well it turned out, and better still, my customer is very happy with it :)

This commissioned bracelet is for a bride to be. I was asked for something delicate using white, black and diamontes. so I decided on making something using wire to cluster the pearls to give it the floaty effect. This looks really pretty up close. I was really happy with the outcome. I've made lots of jewellery for bridesmaids and have had orders for my current designs for brides to be, but this is my first ever custom bridal bracelet :)

New designs

The pictures below are some new designs.. I have ALOT to add so ive picked a random few.. otherwise it'd take a day to upload them all and you'd be bored after the first few lol :)
 Ive gone for the old vintage style on this one, a brass key hanging from a suede cord with a mixture of crystals, there's an old fashioned coin hidden in the pic and a Hermatite square with a quartz crystal center.

 These are the new kiddies charm bracelet range, ive gone for bright and vibrant, 3 different styles and 4 different colours.
 This is another of the children's range, I have lots of different colours and styles for this, Not only is there an adjustable bracelet, but they are part of a set (matching necklace). I will post more pics of the other styles another day.
Here's another 4 stranded bracelet. its funny how a change of colour can change the whole look of a design. ive got lots of different colours of these available.
Like the childrens leather bracelet above, there are lots of different colours and styles to these necklaces, plus there are two different styles of matching earrings too.

So i've been busy busy busy preparing for Chiswick fair, its not easy working full time, entertaining an energetic four year old boy, working on commissions and preparing for an event, but its possible and I think I can say I am now happy with where im at. Ive had lots of lovely tips and Advice from friends at the craftforum and create which has been soooooo helpful.

Just a few finishing bits to do now, a few more items of jewellery to make, posters to be sent to the printers, oh and the labling up and I must remember to make a check list.. as I keep forgetting!... actually there's quite a few odds and ends to sort, but im not going to worry.

So if you are local and fancy a day out then why now visit Chiswick Summer Fair on Saturday 9th July between 11am and 4pm.

Have a look at their site and see what its all about :)

Oh and I will have my facebook and website more upto date within the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me :)


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Thanks for reading :)

Lucie xx