Monday, 17 January 2011

Friendship Bracelets

Happy New Year!! It feels odd saying that now as its been that long since I last blogged!! Wow time flies. I havent really been that busy, I had a lovely break over christmas. All those lazy days made it difficult to snap back into reality. But Last week I managed to do just that lol. so below are some new designs. (one thing that didnt get any rest was my brain.. so many new ideas swirling around... and so many bead orders to go with them)

 Chunky silver beaded bracelet with 'key to my Heart' charms.

 Chunky curb bracelet with 'Hearts and Stars' charms
This shows you the red swarovski heart shining in the light :)

 These are my friendship bracelets.. available in 7 different colours.. they look lovely on. suited for all ages. children - adults.

 Leather friendship charm bracelet.
 This is a custom order. i made for someone who isnt too well. with a swarovski angel, quartz crystals, rose quartz (for healing) and pearls.

 A friendship bracelet with an extra touch of class.. I added the red crystals to make the bracelet a little more dressy. 3 of my favourite colours together :)

 This is the whole set... I made it custom for me :) I love the darkness of the ribbon against the silver and red crystal, it makes them shine even more :)

Mobile phone charms. I have the lips on my blackberry.. the rhinestones are really shiney :D

I ordered a photography tent last week and it arrived at the weekend. I love using it, I just need to get used to it though. the pictures above without the lines running through are the ones taken in the tent. some a little blurry but i think I'll get used to it :)

I also ordered lots of new stock.. so much that it took 4 hours organsing everything into some kind of order. luckily i received lots of bead boxes for xmas.. and they have 100% come in handy, they are all packed out!! :D

So now we're in 2011... my ambition is:  to make a success of my business.  Christmas showed me that people like my designs, so this year I want to make lots more to add to my collection, and I hope they are all loved.

Here's to many new and successful designs :D

Lucie xxx