Sunday, 23 January 2011

On the train blogging :D

So I found an App to enable me to blog on the go! I was over the moon when I did, not that blogging takes long, but at least I can make use of my time when traveling on the lovely trains.

Speaking of trains.. I travel from London to Oxford twice a fortnight, I hate the journey, me and my son rush to catch the bus, rush to catch the train, which is so packed we can barely move. Barely able to move my head to look down at my son, he tends to desperately need the loo at this point (despite that fact that he only went half an hour ago) as well as wanting to eat his food and play on his DSI. How do kids manage to be so oblivious to their surroundings? Lol. Im stood their squashed, weighed down by bags, hot and bothered trying to rationalise with him and he doesn't noticed lol. At the time it can feel pretty stressful, people are watching whilst my 4 year old is getting emotional over the fact that I can't move my arm to reach to my bag to get his DSI or his food just yet. He does make me laugh, he does the funniest things! (we were on a bus the other day and I helped him off his seat and he says to me brightly 'thanks sweetheart' lol).

Another favourite memory of my sons obliviousness..... one day I was out shopping with my sister and son, we went into a jewellery store, it was quite big, with a minimalist look, White floor and Walls, glass show cases throughout, really fresh and open. It was quiet and we were browsing the lovely items. A few minutes prior I had brought my son a balloon shaped like an animal, which he was happy running around playing with whilst I looked around. all of a sudden the silence was broke by an almighty BANG!!!! It was so loud it sounded like a gunfire! It echoed around the store which amplified the sound, people in the shop dived to the floor, others screamed with shock (including myself). And then there was complete silence......... which was instantly broken by my son complaining his balloon has burst. At this point everyone in the store broke out into historical laughter. It was the funniest thing LOL, I always think back to that day and have a giggle.


I went through a few days of thinking maybe my jewellery isn't so great after all. I guess everyone gets moments like that. I realised that I'm just lacking feedback, positive or negative. I think I need to do something about that, so I will soon be announcing a feedback related give-away :)

In the meantime, here's one I made earlier......

I went for something a little different with the 2 strands on one side, the links joining the hearts will be thicker this is just my first attempt.


Over Christmas I sold a lot of baby keepsake bracelets (some below). I personally have a small box containing my baby's first things, mittens, socks, hat, rattle, panto tickets, loads of precious things I will forever cherish, and one day give to my son. So making items for others to cherish in their baby memories is something I feel is very special. So I am currently working on a range of keepsakes. I am pretty excited about it :D not just for babies memories but keepsakes suited for everyone.

I've been slacking this weekend, so I am going to spend some time working on some new designs.

Thanks for reading :)


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