Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So much to do

Each day I wake up with such enthusiasm (after my morning coffee that is)... in my head are ideas of what I want to achieve that day. plans to make jewellery, write my blog, take photos, update my website, update my ipad, sort out my sons DSI, do the house work, do the accounts, spend some time with my son etc etc... (the list is endless)...

So after I drop Reece to nursery and spend 8 and a half hours at work followed by an hour and a half getting my son and myself home, i am shattered. Being dark outside doesnt help matters! (especially when I need to take photo's of new designs) it makes me more tired! lol.

I need to get organised.. my brain is a muddle. I purchased an iPad and thought that'd help me get organised.. everything at my fingertips.. but ive found that it has just added to the list of 'things to do' :/ although atleast I can put the list on the iPad (if i find the time) lol.

So I have decided.... tonight I will research on how to blog and update my website from the iPad, i can do it whilst im on the loo then :D lol no I wouldnt do that really hehe but atleast i dont have to be stuck at the desk on the PC. I love my iPad but if it doesnt do the things I need it to do I wont be happy! or am I just asking to much?!