Monday, 31 January 2011

PC Solutions

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has been sharing my Facebook page. Ive had 45 new members over the last week, so a big welcome to new members too. I am stil 95 members short of the competition though, so please continue to share my page. I will be adding new items more often so there will be more choice for the winner :D

Over the weekend I tried to install wordpress on my PC, but the version of windows I had was too old. Hardly suprising, Ive had the thing for over 5 years!! (my sister referred to it as a 'great Grandad in computer years' lol). Given its age though, it was still fast and responsive, the main issues I had is that it had less memory than my iPad and i kept having to delete programmes to make space for new ones!! so I decided it was about time I went and brought a new younger model. After visits to Currys followed by PC World I decided to get the first one I saw in Curry's. A HP Computer which has 1 TB of Harddrive space!!! I can install until my hearts content now lol.  So with new computer all set up I installed wordpress.. but I have no idea how to link it to my Google website.. I done some research and came up with nothing.. does anyone else know how? lol id really appreciate some advise!

Over the weekend I was busy with everything other than jewellery making (which is what i wanted to focus on). So finally at 7pm last night I managed to sit down and make some new designs, I ordered these hearts weeks ago so I am glad i've finally done something with them!!


 My flower charm bracelets are really popular. and I havent made any for a while, ive been wanting to try out different colours. So I decided to give it a go last night, and here's what I came up with.

A rainbow of colours.. all light and summery, its really pretty... and this one is a one off.. so once its gone.... its gone!
 This one is sea inspired, mermaids and seahorse, shell and fish, there are so many different items pack into the bracelet!!
 I was trying out new designs last week here.. is the finished design....
 with a matching bracelet... both sold but more can be made!

Thanks for reading,

Lucie :D