Monday, 21 February 2011

A clustered mind

Last week I had an extremely busy week at work, what with my new added job role in my day job. That and the fact that my other half superglued all my beads together, I didnt think i'd be able to do any jewellery making at all!! Ok he didnt really glue them... thank god, I cant imagine how id feel if he had.. Shocked would be an understatement lol.

There are times when the idea of gluing beads down seems appealing. I often look at my bead boxes and think... One day the contents of this box will end up all over the floor, it's going to fall of the table, be dropped, or maybe tripped not quite sure how but something is going to happen, and how do I know this?.... because I am very clumsy! And How long will it take to pick up thousands of beads and re-sort them into 36 different compartments?.. thats assuming its just the one box that falls. The thought sends shivers down my spine, I assume that I would freak out if and when this happens.

The other day however, I had a little taster of what is to come. I was pulling a string of beads out of the box, and managed to pick up the wrong end.. all 150+ beads made a lovely bouncing glassy sound as they all hit the floor. and then ..... SILENCE... This is the point where I would normally say something, whether it be 'Oh for crying out loud' or simply $@?*Beep*@%#. My OH was watching over waiting for my reaction... nothing. I actually managed to keep my calm! in my head i was thinking 'carry on like nothings happen.. (if I had said it out loud it would have sounded high pitched and squeeky)' Times like this I think its best to ignore whats happened, and if you do that.. someone else will tidy up the beads ;)


On my last blog you will recall I made a bookmark, which I gave to my bookworm sister. The following day she gave me an order for 3 more bookmarks, she wanted one vampire themed, one with a butterfly and one with an angel, and I could make them however I thought best.. I have to say, these were fun to make (actually I say that about everything.. thats because I love my hobby) :)

The vampire theme. pitch black with a hint of deep red!
The Angel, Swarovski pink angel, girly purples and pinks.

 The butterfly clusters of pearls and crystals with a large silver butterfly and trailing swarovski butterflies. (I really like this one).. it looks so fresh and summery.. this has got me in the mood for some summery designs :)

I liked the idea of incorporating my butterfly design into a necklace (this is what I was making when I dropped the string of beads)

I made it with the same colours as the previous one, and added more crystals on the necklace.. I have tried it on.. and it looks lovely :)

I also made some earrings.

 And a cluster ring.
An this is a pic of one of the first rings i've made (out of a total of 4 that is lol)

And my last piece is something I actually wore today....
I started this watch a few months back, it was done in a completely diffeent style (threaded beads etc). But with my new cluster/summer motivation I started all over again.. and I am very happy with the finished piece. so these can now go up for sale in my store. Maybe in a range of colours....


Now you have seen my makes this week.. why not pop over to Wendy's page and share your Makes
oh and whilst your there, join in the celebrations of her page hitting 50,000 visitors!!! Just a tad more than my 787 visits to my page lol.

Right, I think I best get myself a cuppa coffee and get on with some jewellery making before the day is out.. fingers crossed there are no disasters tonight :)

Thank you for reading xxx