Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A little bit of everything..

Firstly I was nominated Stylish Blogger award by three lovely people. so as instructed here are the steps I need to carry out.

Step one: links to the pages who nominated me..  http://anitemeachdayoftheyear.blogspot.com/ and http://silverpebble.blogspot.com/ and http://www.silverthistlebeads.com/blog/versatile-blogger-award/ thank you very much Ladies :D

Step two. 7 random things about me:

1. I LOVE cake.. it was also my craving during pregnancy (a large family sized cream cake a day..YUM!!! I could never eat that much now tho) lol. and now my son also loves cake.. almost more than I do!! I have to eat my cake in secret now incase he wants it all lol.

2. I'm a London Gal... born and bred, I moved to Somerset for a couple of years but came back. 'You can take a girl outta london, but you cant take London outta a girl'. :)

3. I love to read. Although recently I havent had the chance too :( two fav authors are Sophie Kinsela and Lee Child.

4.  I am an accounts manager for a Telecommunications company who specialise in lovely gadgets such as iPhones and Blackberrys. I have worked in various different roles of admin, but ended up sticking with Accounts. (i also used to work as a sales consultant for the Carphone Warehouse).

5. I cant bend my toes. I dont know how abnormal that is, but I have tried and I just cant! lol

6. I love gadgets. Im more of a tom boy than a girly girl when it comes to things like that. (hence working for mobile phone companies).

7. I LOVE cake!!! oh I already said that!  I dont drive... I done a few lessons a few years back, i drove too fast and too close to the curb (on the pavement at times) I think if I did start again I would be really good at it now though. :D

Step 3. Nominate 15 recently decovered blogs.

What have I been up to:

Well I was given the duty of dealing with Marketing funding, Distribution and reconciliation at work. At first I was a bit worried about whether I knew anything about marketing, with my boss leaving the country that day I was given the task of calling all necessary people to find out what I needed to know. 5 phone calls later I had a meeting booked for the following morning to give me a briefing and to go through strategy’s..  Which I was really nervous about.. I am not a confident bubbly sales/marketing type girl, I’m quiet and laid back, sit behind the desk kind of girl!

Next morning I realised that thankfully I can continue sitting behind my desk and do the job over the phone and through emails.. PHEW!! Also.....I was presented with gifts at this point I felt this was going to be a fun addition to my new role: FREE MERCHANDISE!!

The pen isn’t just a pen.. its a JAMES BOND STYLE pen/2GB memory pen.. I currently have the film 'Due Date' stored in it :)
There's was also a few other little non gadgety bits including an American flag which I gave to my son (who now thinks he is a pirate) :)

I missed Handmade Monday this week, due to being extremely busy at work and at home. 

So here is what I have made since last Monday:

Someone asked me If I could do rainbow coloured flower bracelet (like one I made before) and earrings as well. They are thinking of having their bridesmaids wear them with Maxi dresses on their wedding day in Cyprus. So I said I will do a sample to send pics of and here they are....

All the colours match the dress (which I was sent a pic off) I added lots of crystals and even more flowers and charms than my previous designs.

Ive been meaning to do earrings to match my flower bracelets for some time now, and love how these turned out.
I thought I'd try some dangley earrings. its funny, earrings are the first thing I learnt to make, and I rarely do make any. So i've decided to get creative and try out different styles.
This bookmark I made after reading Louisa's http://beadelicious-beads.blogspot.com/  (i just used crystals I had in my stock to give it a go. and I gave it to my sister.. who is a massive book worm and loved it )

On my last post you saw I had been making name on rice necklaces.  Someone asked me to do a male version, so I did.. I added tiny spring coils and a metallic bead inside the vial and hung it from Leather cord with silver beads to give it more of a manly look :0)

I was in a massive Panic last night.

I was finishing an order for a customer, it was getting late and my eyes were getting sore. I needed to finish off by adding a tiny amount of Super glue to seal the lid. When i was squeezing the lid on I hadn’t noticed that, In my daze, I had poured it full of Superglue, it was seeping down the side all over my hand. After tearing the lid from my fingers,  i tried to moved my thump and finger apart and to my horror they were glued together! I jumped up, screeching, and making panicky sounds, everything i touched was welding itself to me.. I was panicking some more waving my arms around in a frenzy.. and the whole time, my partner was sitting across the table to me and hadn’t noticed a thing ( it reminded me of one of those scenes where you see all the destruction and chaos and then the camera swtiches over to a calm tranquil setting, of chirping birds and baby deer bouncing across a field full of spring flowers).... LOL.. don’t you just hate it when that happens!! I finally managed to pry them apart, but my hands after looked like they belonged to some kind of alien. A lesson has been learnt here.. 1. never use super glue when tired. and 2. Never expect your partner to notice or save you from being trampled on by a stampede of noisy wild animals running through a quiet suburban village... luckily the chances of that happening are very slim!!! :)

Thank you for reading :)