Sunday, 27 February 2011

From Handmade to Heart-made


Well I thought id get ahead of myself and have my blog done before Monday morning, that way I dont have to spend all day wondering If i will get a chance to update it :)
I have to say since Wendy started handmade monday, I have had lots more traffic to my blog and I have found some really interesting blogs to read too :) previously I felt like I was talking to myself alot, which isnt completely out of the norm for me but it was a little lonely.. so thank you Wendy, I am very grateful :) and also, goodluck with the giveaway for your 50,000 visits. (i am still in awe with the figure) All of your plaques are fantasic :)

So what have I made. Suprisingly not much.. I am trying to think back through the last week and remember what exactly I have done.. I was busy at work all week, I came home in the evenings and made.....

This was a custom order, aquamarine crystal stone and a pearl (each representing birth stones) and a sterling silver filligree heart on a chunky bracelet.

I really like these pebble hearts so thought id try them out with some earrings. each with a single diamonte, a pebble heart and 3 lengths of chain holding a silver bead, a filligree bead and a stardust bead.

And other than making some orders for jewellery which you've already seen, there are no more new makes this week. (I feel disappointed) lol.


Me and my son had 2 very lovely cats, Tango and Pepsi, they were full of energy, fun, cheeky and crazy all at the same time lol. But, as they grew older it became apparent that it wasnt fair for them to live where we live with no access to the great out doors until I was home. So I thought long and hard and found them a loving home together. It was hard to say goodbye to them, but it was for the right reasons and I know they are happier now being able to do what cats do best.. hunt mice :)
So that was 5 months ago... since my son often tells me that he misses his cats :(

So the new pets soon to arrive is........

FISH! lol no where near as exciting for Reece, but I thought he would have fun choosing the tank.. I thought wrong, he left all that down to me.. it seemed obvious that this purchase was more favoured by myself (although he has already named the future fish mario and sonic.. so he must be a little excited about it)  I choose the tank, with a waterfall that treacles out the top.. not quite the aquarium ive always wanted but its still lovely.  We just have no fish.. 3 days to settle the tank. maybe Reece will be more excited when we go and collect them lol.

And this is a sqaure strawberry! pointless but.. its square!!! lol

On a serious note...

Just before christmas I lost my nan to cancer. It was horrible to see it happening and to see the struggle she went through to try and fight such a fierce disease, not to mention the hurt and pain it can bring to family and close friends.  I also lost my Grandma to cancer when I was a child, back then I was less aware of what was happening.

But now, I feel I am in a position to atleast try and help others.. even if its just a small donation, every little helps.

So I thought I will run an auction on my facebook page. 35% of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK.
I have picked a start date.. Saturday 12th March and I will let the auction run for a week so the end date will be Saturday 19th March.

I am listing as many items as possible for the auction so each day from now and prior to the auction you will see more and more items. (this means I am going to be up working late each evening... so I will have plenty of coffee at the ready :)

Someone offered to donate some items today, which was really lovely, so I will add these items to the album with links to the person who has donated them (obviously the full amount of the final bid will go straight to CR Uk).

If anyone else would like to donate any items then that would also be lovely. :)

I was also thought of doing a feature item. where, again, 100% money raised on that item will be donated.  Any suggestions on which of my items I could use for this? obviously the more chances of raising more money the better. I was thinking maybe a crystal cluster watch or the butterfly necklace I made last week (or something else?).

I have never run an auction before, and I have never organised a charity event before either, so i'm rusty and nervous lol.
I would really love some help spreading the word.
And if you think any of the above wont work.. please let me know :)

Many Thanks

Lucie xx