Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Busy Bee

So its been a few days since I last blogged.  Here is why...

Over the weekend me and my son and my partners son were making christmas tree hangings.

 Reece's age 3 (with help from me ofcourse)

 Maz's age 6 (also with help from me)

I'm looking forward to putting them on the tree. we're going to add some letter beads so we can remember whos is whos :)


I've had some requests for some childrens jewellery.

 This is one of 3 bracelets I made to go with a green party dress for a soon to be 7 year old, with a swarovski crystal angel and quartz crystal charms and pearl charms.

 This one is just so adorable. I was asked to make a couple of bracelets for two 7 month old baby girls, using pink pearls and quartz crytals these little things are just too cute :)

Over the last two weeks (since I opened my Facebook fan page and opened my store on Folksy and Etsy) I have had orders for a total of 31 necklaces/bracelets. I think this is good going?

This is the orders that went to their new owners this morning :)


I was trying to find ways of getting more traffic to my site and I stumbled across London Jewellery who do free promotions for local jewellery makers. so I wrote to them and today they have added me to there website!  They are a really friendly and helpful bunch.. check them out :)

And this is my details on their site. hehe.


One of my top selling items is this bracelet. So I thought once I get a total of 100 Facebook fans I will do a prize draw and one lucky member will win one of these popular bracelets.

 So please get adding and send out invites and once I receive 100 members I will go ahead with the draw :)!/pages/Brentford/Angels-and-Diamonds/115830338479062

Lucie xx