Friday, 19 November 2010

No rest for the wicked...

I am absolutely shattered! for the past 9 days I have been getting up at 6am, doing the morning rush of preparing breakfast,dressing my son, myself, a cupper coffee, brush teeth, wash, do hair, make up, put a load of washing on, tidy the house, leave for the school run, rush to work to do my 9.00-5.30 job. leave work, half hour walk to collect my son from childminders, followed by a trip to the supermarket and half hour walk home. check post, cupper coffee, pour glass of milk for Reece (my son), set up iPad for Reece (or cartoons on the TV), make snacks for Reece, shower Reece, read story with Reece, put Reece to bed, clean the house, another cuppa coffee, put dinner on, hang out washing, eat dinner. Start my 5-6 hour shift making jewellery. And then at 2am, have a shower, brush teeth and go to bed for my 4hour sleep!

I'm guessing i'm not the only one who is sleep deprived? having a hobby sure pays its tole lol. but im still loving it.

During my working hours last night I was working on my new range of bracelets and necklaces:

 I was thinking the other day how effective it would be to add signatory beads to each of my items (so one day when im rich and famous, jewellery experts will say, this is an angels and diamonds piece, if you look at each end of the bracelet/necklace you will see the famous signature silver beads which she is so well know for! or a stranger will be wearing the necklace and her friend would say 'oh my god.. ur wearing an Angels and Diamonds necklace... im so jealous!! ofcourse by then the silver plated parts will be solid platinum). LOL we can but dream ey. I think they are a lovely touch :)

 My first 'signature' set. they are also available in black :)

 This is a childs bracelet, this one is made for an 11 year old.  smaller ones I have made more secure with wrapped loops for the charm and the ends. 

 Silver beads and white pearls with a silver foil glass heart.

 Matching to the above brace is this 18inch looks really pretty one :)

This is my favourite.. made for me at nursery by my 3 year old son Reece. What a talented little boy he is :) a few more years and i'll have him beading necklaces for me lol. 


I decided that I will list some items for sale on Folksy yesterday, I've had an account for a while but havent really listed much.. just some feather earrings but I sold them through other sources (through Ebay and another few through FB recently :)

So before I had even finished adding things to my store an email came through on my blackberry informing me I had sold an Item!! I was only saying earlier that that how great it would feel to sell to someone who Isnt a friend or a friend of a friend. I was right it did feel great.. plus I felt sick, nerves maybe.. I dont know lol.

 An this is the bracelet that sold. 12mm coloured pearls with a single quartz crystal :)

These are the matching necklace and earrings (which havent yet sold) 


Ive had a few pre orders through friends on FB for the 'signature necklace' and also for the childs bracelet.. Ive been waiting for crystals and pearls to be delivered and they havent arrive this week.. here's me thinking they would have arrived by the end of this week and i'd have the whole weekend to work at my leisure. Looks like im gonna need LOTS more coffee next week too. Thats if they ever arrive (fingers crossed).

Did I meantion I've gone through a massive jar of coffee in just over a week? As well as pro plus to get me through my working day and the odd can of redbull.. thank god for caffine :)

Hmmm... speaking of which, I think I will have a dose now.

Happy friday everyone :)

Lucie xx