Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Its a new Dawn....

... its a new day, and I'm feeling good!

I was on my way to work a couple of months ago (I work as an Accounts Manager for a mobile telecommunications store) and I thought to myself.. I need a hobby.. I spend all my time working, raising my  three year old son and running the household that i never do anything solely for myself.  I have often thought how great it would be to make jewellery, but it has always been a passing thought, so at that moment I decided, I will do something about it. i got to work and googled 'how to make jewellery' read a load of websites for the basics and ordered a starter kit on EBay, and some beads, and some more beads.. oh and some more beads (Then of course I got on with my work).

I felt really good about it and even better when the kit arrived. I ordered it to be delivered to my home address, but I was at work the day it arrived and spent most of the day wondering if it had arrived yet! so many thoughts and possibilities were running though my mind as to what I would make first.  When i got home and saw the parcel sat on the floor by the front door I felt excited.  Once I had put my son to bed I sat down and carefully made my first pair of earrings, followed by a memory wire bracelet. in between chasing the kittens across the house for the stolen beads they had sneakily taken when I wasn't looking, I could hear them across the wood flooring,,, silly cats :)

Since that day I have become a bead addict, I need to buy at least one item a week, although its more like one a day (when I say one.. I don't just mean one bead (obviously).. I mean one order from one store, whether it be a strand of pearls or four different strands of pearls :) I just love the parcels being delivered, it feels like Christmas every time.

Lots of bead buying later and I had a range of extremely basic earrings, which didn't sell on eBay or anywhere. this disheartened me a bit and I stopped making jewellery for a few weeks. To be fair though, I didn't feel proud when I presented the jewellery to people, so it was hardly surprising it didn't sell.

So I went about the next few weeks living my life as normal. and then a friend asked me if she could see a range of my jewellery as she would like to buy some nice pieces for Christmas presents..........