Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st December 2010

Wow.. the first of December all ready!! where does the time go???

Since last week I have been keeping busy with orders and trying to work on new designs. I have had some lovely comments on my jewellery and even about my wesite.

I was messing around with some wire a few weeks ago and ended up making a rough xmas decoration for the tree. Here is what the finished piece looks like. im going to do some in red aswell (like the ones I done with my son last week).

 This is the set which I have on offer.. the necklace, bracelet and earrings all for just £20.00!!! Also available in black, (These are pretty popular.. they'd make a lovely xmas pressie)

I thought id try something different and used some ribbon instead of chain, added some silver beads and a lovely butterfly pendant.. and this was the outcome :)

 I ordered some alphabet beads and thought it'd be nice to do some name bracelets for children. this is what the first one looks like. im not 100% happy with it, so ive put in an order for some different types of letter beads. I have some pastel colours coming and some silver cubes, so im looking forward to them arriving :D (I guess this one isnt bad as Ive had 5 orders for them already which is good).

 This was another style of name bracelets I tried adding some flower spacer beads.

Prize draw.  I previous said that when my facebook fans amount to 100 I will be doing a prize draw.  This happened very quickly thanks to current members promoting my offer.  I used a Random number converter and the winner was SULTAN WILKINSON from Australia!!! congratulations to Sultan.  I have seen spoken to Sultan and yesterday sent out the bracelet. so I hope that it gets to her in good time and she enjoys her prize :D

I've had some really nice feedback from people complimenting my jewellery. Its really nice to hear. as you know ive not been making jewellery for long at all so it is a massive confidence boost :)

I have also been contacted about doing wholesale.. this is another massive compliment!! So I hope that this is the start of things to come. who know's where i'll be this time next year (probably still sat at my desk writing this blog in my lunch hour and making jewellery in my spare time.... but who knows!! lol)


Over the weekend two friends were attacked by locals with knifes Scott was badly wounded by 3 stab wounds and Stephen murdered being stabbed 7 times..  It is such a sad time for everyone that knows Stephen Ramsey and Scott Jennings.
The two respsoible for the attack have been found guilty of murder and GBH!!!!

I just want to pay my respects by saying that you are in my thoughts. I hope that Scott makes a speedy recovery and to all Stephen's family and closest friends I am so sorry for your loss. Stephen was an amazing man and will be forever missed xxx
God looked around his garden and found an empty place, He then looked down upon this earth and saw your friendly face.He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.God’s garden must be beautiful, he only takes the best.It broke so many hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone,For parts of us went with you the day god called you home. RIP Stephen Ramsey xxx

Lucie xx