Wednesday, 25 May 2011

House arrest

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Since last week my son caught chickenpox.. I was in shock when I saw the rash on his back on Thursday morning and by the afternoon he was absolutely smothered in them, a quick trip to the doctors confirmed my obvious suspicisions. Me and my son said goodbye to the outside world, no nursery, no work, no outdoor trips for 4-5days... no sunshine!

Everyone seemed to be avoiding us last week, we were beginning to get complexes lol.
Whilst being at home for so long, I seemed to become clumsier than ever, in one day I managed to catch my toe on a piece of stationery furniture which really really hurt, and then a few hours later my son accidently knocked over a dining room chair (which is heavy) and that landed straight on my little toe (next to the one which i had hurt earlier) OUCH!! lol. and then prior to that I whacked my arm on the frame of the door!!
By the end of the week I looked pale, washed out, battered, ill, tired and sun deprived lol.
And needless to say, I was glad to get back to the office (out of harms way) lol and my son is back to nursery aswell so he will be glad for the fresh air and fun too :)

Whilst at home and inbetween nursing my poorly son and my battered toes, I did manage to work on some new designs.....

 Ive had these lovely hearts for a few weeks and wanted to do something different with them and this was the outcome.
 Doing the pink flower on the previous necklace inspired me to do something even more flowery/pink and different.. this necklace is stunning on. I need to try and get a decent picture of it, its pretty long so difficult to get a full length pic.

 These 2 bracelets are custom orders, the first one my customer knew exactly what she wanted and the second we just knew to add a cross and a daisy (this was my third design before showing my customer) :)
 Glass square earrings with crystal clusters
 Angel wing earrings
 Hermitite squares with swarovski cubes
 Quartz crystals with flower charms and flower spacers
Pandora style bracelet, I have lots of colours and lots of beads for these!

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I do have a few more designs which I have completed, but I dont have pics yet so I will share them with you next week :)

Thank you for reading xx