Monday, 6 June 2011

Well last week wasnt the most productive. It didnt start off too well and most things were down hill from the off... But this week however, is the start of a new fresh week.. The fact that it is raining hasnt dampened my positive thoughts.. the rain can wash away last weeks problems. who knows, the sun may shine tomorrow :)

I decided to apply for some stalls at upcoming events, and although I hadnt heard back from anyone that I had previously emailed, I was pleased to receive an email from a local event for a pampering evening at a nursery being held at the end of this month, so I will be busy preparing for that. and.... Yesterday I had an email for a really big local event, which normally attracts 3000 people, so I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I get a stall there.. i'll find out sometime this week I think.

Ive never done any kind of event before.. all my jewellery is sold online so it will be a big thing for me. I will be working extremely hard every evening and weekend over the next 4-5 weeks to get as much jewellery made as possible. Hopefully I havent bitten off more than I can chew with potentially two events in the space of a week.

I just need to get myself organised!! plenty of coffee to be drank, a note pad to be filled, alot of beads to get creative with, and ALOT of work to be done. not to mention everything inbetween....arrrrgh, panic time.

How long do you give yourself to plan/prepare for an event? If I had the day hours to do it in I think a month wouldnt be a problem.. but as I only have evenings and weekends.... hmm.. i'll stay positive, im sure it can be done, and I do like a challenge :)

Handmade Monday.. please pop by Wendy's page and join in with Handmade Monday :)

Here are a few custom orders ive done recently:

This is for a very valued customer as a gift for her mother's ruby wedding anniversary. I had a play around with styles and this one was the winner. it looks amazing on.

This decoration has been made in loving memory of another customer's nan. Previous memorial decorations i've made have been made to hang by a ribbon or to place in the ground, and so this one was a challenge to make standing, as the decoration itself was shaped as hearts i decided to make it with 3 hearts intertwined together, which looks nicer then you can see by the picture (as does the sparkey crystals).

And this is a toe ring. I had a couple of requests for toe rings so I thought i'd give one a go, and this was the outcome. As soon as I get some times I will add some more to the range.

(famous last words lol.. ive got so many designs in my head for pieces of jewellery I want to make, just not enough time to make them).

Thank you for reading :) xxx