Friday, 6 May 2011

WOW!! Has it really been that long?!

Its been such a long time since I last blogged!

Ive been so busy with work and with my son and with jewellery making that I havent had a chance to blog, but I have decided to make some time and update you all :)

Since the Auction, which raised a lovely £100 for Cancer research, I have been working on new designs and rebuiding my website. this has been a bit of a long process due to having internet problems at home and not being able to use the internet for more than 10minutes without it cutting out (thanks BT) hopefully this will be sorted soon.. its been a few month now so who knows!

Anyway :) what have I been making... well I wont show you everything, but here are a few items..

 Angel name bracelet
 Filigee locket on a silver beaded necklace with a choice of crystal
 Wire wrapped cross with pearls and crystals
 Coiled hoop earrings with crystals
 This was made in loving memory (a custom order) A red glass heart with lots of pearls and crystals and a small swarovski heart and angel wing on a belcher chain.
 This was also made in loving memory (to hand on a moseleum)
 Anklet. this is made using small seed beads and crystals with a wire wrapped pattern (it looks pretty on) as the summer is upon us I will be started a range of anklets
My new banner, which I had lots of fun getting right lol.

What else have I been upto?
Well I recently started driving lessons, I did a couple of lessons 6years ago but wasnt really that motivated and didnt do any more.
Its a shame i have left it so long to learn, but I have determination this time! i'm really enjoying it, ive been on A roads and all my lessons are during rush hour traffic (London rush hour traffic.. lots of big vehicles and buses to drive along side.. gulp) I seem to be doing well though :)
I did have a minor problem this week however, I was turning of a main road into a side road and a cyclist was waiting to turn out of the side road, I keep turning to soon, so this time I made a conscious effort not to turn too quickly.. I left it a little too late this time, I missed the shocked cyclist by an inch (thanks to my instructor grabbing hold of the wheel) lol. I couldnt help but laugh (it wasnt an evil laugh, im not the type of person to take pleasure in scaring cyclists half to death lol) I always laugh when im nervous .. which is sometimes really inappropriate.

On average it takes 40 hour lessons plus home learning to pass a driving test these days!?! Is that a bit extreme? how many did it take you?
I hope I am cut out for it, I dont want to be another maureen! lol

So now that I have finally got around to blogging again, I promise not to leave it so long now. (hopefully back to weekly).

Thanks for reading :)

Lucie xxx