Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ultimate Echo Echo

Hello my lovely bloggers. It has been ages (once again) im sorry, I really need to put a time in my diary each week dedicated to my blog!

With it being the summer holidays I took a week off from my day job to spend with my son, we didnt go away but we had lots of fun, doing lots of activities, lots of park visits and we also took a couple of trips to the cinema, first we watched cars 2 which was brilliant, and then the next time we saw The Smurfs, which was really funny. we went for an early viewing and was eatting popcorn for breakfast!! yummy lol. Since the smurfs my son tells me quite often 'i smurf you mummy' lol how sweet :)

Over the past few months my son has become a major BEN 10 fan, and after I purchased him an Omnitrix he soon discovered that he couldnt turn into a real alian and so it is now his dream to go to Ben 10 land and get the real one, I told him that it wouldnt be as simple as going to get it, Ben 10 has the Omnitrix so we cant get that we'll need the ultimatrix and to get that we need to first find Ben 10 land, track down the ultimatrix and then contront the enemy who has it. he says 'if you hold him down, I will take it and then I will turn into Jetray and fly away' He's not silly! lol I've since discovered that o2 Arena are showing BEN 10 MONSTER TRUCK MANIA in September.. so I am going to surprise him.. I cant wait to see his little face :)

So 2 weeks ago we got a new addition to our family, a beautiful cockatiel, I decided to let Reece name him and the name he picked wasnt quite what i expected.......

Meet.... ULTIMATE ECHO ECHO lol (the vet seemed shocked when they asked his name) he is a brilliant basketball player.. its so amazing to see him put the ball in the net.. he does a little victory dance too.. clever little birdy.  Im hoping that soon he will feel comfortable enough with me to come out of his cage but in the mean time i went a little crazy with new toys for him :)

What have I been making?

CUSTOM ORDER Ivory and black flower girl and bridesmaid bracelets.

 Angel wing cluster earrings (I made a pair for myself and decided to make them available in my stores as they are too nice not to share :)

CUSTOM ORDER Red crystal rosary beads

 Silver and swarovski heart chain bracelet

CUSTOM ORDER Electric blue floating butterfly necklace

CRIME Bookmark (this is one of a whole range of my Themed bookmarks)
A bit of a mix up..
ok so I had an order for a set which I have made in white with a touch of green and gold before, but the customer asked to have salmon coloured beads, So after a few emails back and forth I made the below set.. its a very bold colour! So I emailed the pic to my customer..and to my dismay I had got the colours the wrong way around, the salmon colour was just the colour she wanted a hint of.. OOPS lucikly she was lovely and understanding, so I got the correct version made that day.

Ive been thinking about different styles of packing and I had some nice card so I thought I would try out some pillow boxes, I added a label and some ribbon, and here's what I got.. So this is now my new packaging (I also still use jewellery boxes for the fragile orders with the added ribbon and labels which give them a lovely finish :)

Oh.. one year ago yesterday was the day I placed an order for my first set of jewellery tools!! Who would have thought that a year on I would be where I am now... making lots of lovely items for lots of lovely customers.

Here's the first bracelet I made a few days later (once the beads had been delivered.. it took a few attempts to make as I kept dropping the beads, and my lovely cats were chasing them across the room hehe, I also made the earrings followed by a silver and blue set :) (ive come a long way with the jewellery since then and so has the photos lol)

And so that is my update for this week..  Thank you for reading :)

Lucie xx